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Wwise & Unreal Engine

Implementation Breakdown

This is my Wwise and Unreal Engine 4 audio implementation project!  I had a ton of fun designing the scene and creating all the audio for it.  Creating sci-fi weapon sounds is one of my favorite things to make so this ended up being a project I could use as an excuse to make more of them!

In the first video I demonstrate what it's like to go through the scene so that you can get a sense for the spooky mood.  In the second video I go into detail about some of my favorite parts of working on the audio implementation for the project!

Fallen Angel

Ophanim Vocal Design

Footage: ex DOGE

Archangel Michael Combat Sounds

Footage: Jaba Play

On Fallen Angel I was in charge of creating a majority of combat sound for the bosses of the game, designing vocals for different characters, ​area ambiances, and a handful of other small assets.  The game was a ton of fun to work and it really let me sharpen my sci-fi sound design skills!


In the video on the left, I go through my process of how I tackled the creature vocals of one of my favorite bosses from the game!  The video on the right is an explanation of how I created the assets for all of the combat actions for the boss Archangel Michael.  

Fallen Angel Cinematic Trailer

I also sound designed the entire cinematic trailer for Fallen Angel!  I absolutely loved just being able to let loose and make some cool anime combat sounds for Lucifer in this trailer.  It was a refreshing change of pace to be able to work on something linear after finishing up all of my sound assets for the game.

Buddy Simulator 1984

Buddy Simulator 1984 Gameplay

Footage: Joshiball

I had an amazing time working on Buddy Simulator 1984!  I helped sound design their combat sections as well as some additional sound effects for other areas of the game.  Since the game had a very specific setting and mood, I was able to really focus on making sounds easily readable and effective since the style of bitcrushed, scary sound design was locked in early in the process.  

With this project, I was also contracted to work right before release, so I had to find ways to work well within a short time frame.  I found ways to really improve my workflow for creating their sound effects such as making custom presets, using similar source material, and even figuring out simpler implementation methods for the programmers.  Since I wasn't implementing the sounds directly, I had to make sure that my implementation document was thorough, but not too complicated since we were short on time.  In the end, I was able to deliver over 250 assets within about 4 weeks and I'm really happy with how everything came out!


For Snakeybus I was contracted to write a piece of music for their soundtrack.  It was an incredibly fun and relaxing experience writing some chill, laid-back music for Stovetop Studios's hilarious game.  The game was a perfect fit for the music I was writing and I couldn't be happier with how the song turned out!

Froot Fite

Froot Fite Gameplay

Froot Fite is a fruit themed brawler where you need to watch your back!  I was in charge of all the audio for Froot Fite including asset creation, music, and Wwise integration and implementation.  It was really creatively fulfilling to be in charge of all the aspects of the audio since I was able to be as flexible or rigid with my design as I wanted to.  My favorite part was being able to design sounds with the full knowledge of how they would be implemented since I was also in charge of implementation.  

The music for Froot Fite another really fulfilling endeavor for this project as I had to tackle the challenge of making upbeat combat music without it coming across as too intense or too silly.  I ended up creating a combat theme for each character in the game based on their designs and stats.  I took a lot of inspiration from some game soundtracks like Ape Escape and Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake which were so interesting to dissect and learn from!  

Sashimi Slammers

Sashimi Slammers Gameplay

Sashimi Slammers is an alternative controller fighting game where each player punches an actual rubber fish to control their player.  I was in charge of all the audio for Sashimi Slammers and it was an absolute blast to work on!  It was a fun challenge to figure out how to tailor the audio to cut through the sound of people punching their fish!  I loved the idea of this game right from the start and I've loved being a part of the team as we've shown the game around multiple festivals around the United States and even internationally in Belgium!



OVERTIME is an alternative controller game that follows the story of two rival basketball teams.  I was in charge of all the audio for OVERTIME and got to work with professional musicians to create a full soundtrack for the game!  We were able to show OVERTIME at multiple festivals around the United States and even showcased at Alt.Ctrl.GDC in 2019!

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